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SurgeonCheck is your independent, unbiased surgeon scorecard.
We shine an objective light on variation in surgical quality at the individual surgeon level
to profoundly improve the lives of patients and reduce healthcare costs.

Health Plans

Increase your value to members and systematically drive network improvements with SurgeonCheck.


Decrease clinical risk to your employees and financial risk to your company with SurgeonCheck.


Elevate your surgeons’ performance and compete on outcomes rather than billboards and perception with SurgeonCheck.

Metrics and Measurement That Matter

SurgeonCheck provides insights at every level – from overall network performance to individual quality metric performance – to build the glass box of healthcare.

Cloud-Based Platform

Our cloud-based platform is powered by claims data and objectively analyzes individual surgeon performance by procedure, by facility.

Quality Metrics

We utilize rigorous quality metrics that are outcome-focused, literature-based, and peer-reviewed by a team of board certified and fellowship trained surgical sub-specialists.

Performance Impact

We differentiate between high and low performing surgeons and reveal the impact of their performance on patient outcomes and corresponding costs.

The vision and power to change lives for the better.

Find your blind spots with SurgeonCheck.

A Peek into the SurgeonCheck Platform

SurgeonCheck | Performance Chart
Drive Patient Volume
Initiate Cost Evaluation and Improvement Plan
Initiate Performance and Cost Improvement Coaching
Initiate Performance Improvement Coaching
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The Pulse on SurgeonCheck

Our highest priority is to bring better value, better quality of care and outcomes to all of our members -- to do that, we need insight and evidence as to who delivers the best care and why," said Jennifer Chambers, MD, MBA, FACP, senior vice president and chief medical officer for Capital BlueCross. "SurgeonCheck provides the line of sight and the detail to understand the drivers of surgical quality, along with potential areas of focus for improvement. This insight is tremendously important and will result in a level of transparency necessary to improve surgical outcomes and quality of care.

Jennifer Chambers, MD, MBA, FACPCMO, Capital BlueCross

SurgeonCheck is one of a kind in measuring individual surgeon performance at the most granular level and I commend their mission to bring about greater transparency in healthcare. The platform provides detailed and actionable insight into my outcomes, which allows me to provide the best care for my patients.

Eric Lebby, MDOrthopedic Surgeon & Chief of Orthopedic Surgery

The wellbeing of my employees is fundamental to the success of my company. That’s why I want immediate access to SurgeonCheck, which will help my employees and their family members navigate healthcare with confidence. Their objective insights into surgeon quality will lead to better surgical outcomes at a lower cost and, ultimately, a happier, healthier, more productive workforce.

Walt DealtreyPresident & CEO, Service Tire Truck Centers, Inc.

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